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Our Policies

COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

Dear parents and carers,

I hope this policy finds you and your family safe and well. JD Dance has been working throughout this recent pandemic in order to adapt policies and guidelines to ensure safety and wellbeing paramount throughout our venue and classes at all times for all.

You will be happy to hear we have implemented new guidelines, class sizes, teaching strategies and introduced the use of face masks for all our employees and hand sanitiser for all attending class. This will all be in place ready for when we can return to a sense of normality and have our beloved dance school back open to all. Our main aim as we reopen is to deliver safe, fun, high-quality dance classes that we always have with the safety of all our staff and customers as our main priority. In order to do this, we have set out some precautions listed below that are in line with the new government guidelines to help us all move forward confidently and safely together.

  • Limited numbers of children per class with current guidelines being groups of 6-8 but we will be in touch if this changes and with the groups allocated, we will try our best to pair friendship groups where possible. Parents if you would please drop your children off at the door as to limit numbers in the venue at any one time this would be greatly appreciated. Those with younger children who wouldn’t cope well with being left would be asked to stay downstairs whilst we run their class upstairs.

  • All staff will be issued with reusable face masks and parents that do need to stay within the venue will be kindly asked to wear some form of face covering. These can be provided if necessary.

  • Hand sanitiser will be located at the entrance of the studio and will be kindly asked to be used by all entering/vacating the venue.

  • If any child or household/bubble member of a said child presents with any symptoms then we ask for you to follow government guidelines and self-isolate and not attend the class for the government recommended time limit. We will have a thermometer in the venue if needed.

  • Any and all high-frequency contact points will be cleaned and sanitised regularly before, after and during classes. This includes the likes of doors, seating areas, lights and equipment in use.

  • Children are asked to bring no extras from home into the studio with them except for a water bottle and any snacks they may need.

  • If a child starts to feel unwell or presents with symptoms whilst at class their parent will be contacted immediately and their child will be safely isolated within the studio until their parent arrives.

  • Social distancing will be maintained where possible at all times within the studio with coloured dots used on the floor for children. 

  • First aid will be issued but with children who are able to wipe cuts or grazes themselves to do so an adult to assist where a child is unable to do so with the use of gloves. Any more serious injuries a parent will be called.

We appreciate this is a lot to process at this time and would like to again thank you for all your continued support throughout this time. I hope you are all with us in understanding these procedures are paramount in keeping all of us safe throughout this time whilst still maintaining some form of normality, structure, routine and fun for all the children. 

If you have any further questions or queries please feel free to contact one of the JD Dance team who will be more than happy to help. 

Stay safe,

Jennie and the team.

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